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Motoscope are the motorists one-stop-shop for all automotive parts and accessories.  Add to this our service, repair and tuning facilities and you have to ask yourself why you would want to go anywhere else?  You can find Motoscope on the Standard Way Industrial Estate, Northallerton or, for more information, telephone us on (01609) 780155.

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since 26 April 2012

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Latest News

Northern Historic Rally Championship 2014 Regulations and Registration Form added to NHRC page.

Tyre fitting, Balancing & Nitrogen (N2) Filling

Tyre fitting, balancing & Nitrogen (N2) filling now available at Motoscope.  We recommend all competition tyres should be filled with Nitrogen (N2).

Tyres & Wheels can be ordered on request.

Call our sales team on 01609 780155 to see what we can do for you.

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Hobby Gas by Adams Gas available from Motoscope.

Cylinder Information:

  • Cylinder content 9L at 137bar
  • Our cylinders are equivalent to 21 x 600ml disposable cylinders or 13 x 1L disposable cylinders.
  • They use the same regulator fittings as BOC, Air products and Air liquide
  • No bottle rental
  • No environmental charges
  • No fees to come and collect a cylinder
  • Refundable deposit of 55.00, which is fully refundable on return of cylinder at any point in time
Please note:

All cylinders are owned , maintained and tested by Adams gas and are never at any point owned by the user. To check the test date of a cylinder, please look at the coloured ring around the gas valve.

The deposit on the cylinder is held by Adams gas and is fully refundable on return of the cylinder, at any point and is not subject to a limited time frame.

The deposit will only be refunded to the account holder, should the cylinder be passed on to a third party, please notify us to avoid any confusion later on.

Available Gasses


  • 99.9% Argon
  • MIG (MAG) Welding Stainless Steel material thickness 1mm - 12mm Used for thin and medium sections.
  • Good arc control, used with or without pulse.
  • TIG Welding Stainless Steel Material Thickness 1mm - 8mm For use on thin materials.
  • This has a stable arc with easy starting.
  • Suitable for all grades of materials

CO2 / Argon Mix 20:

  • 78% Argon, 2% Oxygen, 20% Carbon Dioxide
  • MIG (MAG) Welding Mild Steel
  • Material thickness between 6mm - 14mm+
  • For use on thick section. Not generally used for pulse arc, but excellent with cored wires

CO2 / Argon Mix 5:

  • 93% Argon, 2% Oxygen, 5% Carbon Dioxide
  • MIG (MAG) Welding mild steel Material thickness between 1mm - 8mm
  • For use on thin materials.
  • Low splatter and good weld appearance.
  • Usable in all positions.
  • Also suitable for pulsed arc and robotic use.

Carbon Dioxide 3.15kg & 6.35Kg

  • 99.9% CO2 MIG (MAG) Welding Mild Steel
  • Material Thickness 1mm - 14mm+
  • Used in dip transfer on thin and galvanised materials.
  • Recommended for some core wires

Oxygen Free Nitrogen

  • Ideal For Air conditioning engineers for purging systems and also for Car & Cart racing teams for tyre inflation


  • For cutting or welding with acetylene

ProductCode Description Price () RRP ()
ARGON100 Hobby Gas - Pure Argon Gas Refill (9L, 137Bar) 57.60 .00
ARGON100/20L Pure Argon Gas Refill (20L) 96.00 .00
ARGON20 Hobby Gas - 20% CO2/Argon Mix Refill (9L, 137Bar) 36.00 .00
ARGON20/20L 20% CO2/Argon Mix Refill (20L) 69.60 .00
ARGON5 Hobby Gas - 5% CO2/Argon Mix Refill (9L, 137Bar) 36.00 .00
ARGON5/20L 5% CO2/Argon Mix Refill (20L) 69.60 .00
CO2315 Carbon Dioxode CO2 Gas Refill (3.15kg) - Welding 13.57 .00
CO2635 Carbon Dioxode CO2 Gas Refill (6.35kg) - Welding 22.56 .00
H1105 Harris 2G Argon 0-30 LPM Regulator. 57.85 .00
HBG Hobby Gas - Helium Ballon Gas Refill (9.4L) 36.00 .00
OFN Hobby Gas - Oxygen Free Nitrogen Refill (9L, 137Bar) 33.60 .00
OFN/20L Oxygen Free Nitrogen Refill (20L) 59.95 .00
OXYGEN Hobby Gas - Oxygen Gas Refill (9L, 137Bar) 36.00 .00
XCELSS02G10 Xcel 1S 2G Oxygen 0-10Bar Regulator 57.85 .00
XCELSSMIG2G Xcel 1S 2G Argon 0-40 I/Min Regulator 57.85 .00
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Superchips at Motoscope

Why not ring us on (01609) 780155, and find out what's available for your car.  Usually fitted in under 90 minutes.  Before and after power runs available on our rolling road.

ProductCode Description Price () RRP ()
22477 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 1 320.00 399.00
23609 Superchip, Turbo Diesel Type 1 365.00 455.00
25847 Superchip, Turbo Diesel Type 3 430.00 .00
49153 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 3 480.00 .00
62442 Superchip, Vauxhall NASP 299.23 .00
68405 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 3 345.00 .00
70232 Superchip, NASP Type 2 510.26 .00
75587 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 2 365.00 .00
78392 Superchip, NASP Type 3 320.00 399.00
80777 Superchip, NASP Type 1 229.00 .00
88024 Superchip, Turbo Diesel Type 2 320.00 399.00
BF05FORDN Superchip Bluefin, Ford Normally Aspirated Cars & Vans, 94> 245.00 .00
BF05FORDRS Superchip Bluefin, Ford Focus RS Mk1 244.09 .00
BF05FORDST150 Superchip Bluefin, for Fiesta ST150 244.09 .00
BF05FORDST170 Superchip Bluefin, for ST170 244.09 .00
BF05FORDT Superchip Bluefin, Ford Turbo 408.00 .00
BF05MINI Superchip Bluefin, for Mini 249.00 .00
BF06BMRRT Superchip Bluefin, BMW Diesels, 1/3/5/6/7 Series 2ltr & 3ltr, X3/X5/X6 3ltr 365.00 .00
BF06FORDCT Superchip Bluefin, Ford Mondeo 2.5T, 07> & S-Max 2.5T, 06> 407.49 .00
BF06FORDN Superchip Bluefin, Ford Fiesta Zetec S 199.00 .00
BF06FORDRS09T Superchip Bluefin, Ford Focus RS, 09> 365.00 .00
BF06FORDST225 Superchip Bluefin, Ford Focus ST225 320.00 .00
BF06LRFT Superchip Bluefin, Land Rover Discovery & Range Rover. 455.00 .00
BF06LRT Superchip Bluefin, Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 2.2, 06> 407.49 .00
BF06OPELIT Superchip Bluefin, Vauxhall Astra VXR, 05>/Corsa VXR, 07>/Zafira VXR, 05> 520.70 .00
BF06VAGT Superchip Bluefin, Various VAG Models 365.00 .00
EAD600 Superchip Protection Board Replacement for 44DIL ECUs 76.60 .00
EAD610 Superchip Off-set Protection Board Replacement for 44DIL ECUs 76.60 .00
NU1MT Numatics Bleed Valve 50.00 .00
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Cars Built at Motoscope

Escort Mk1 Historic Rally Car, built by Pock at Motoscope Ford Focus Clubmans Rally Car built at Motoscope in 2007 Escort Mk1 completed in 2008 at Motoscope Pock's beast, rebuilt regularly (Ha! Ha!) FIA Spec Escort Mk1 Completed December 2009

These are some of the cars built at Motoscope for customers.

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