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Our Cars

Customers and Staff Cars

This page has pictures and information about some of our Customers and Staff cars.

David Brown's Ford Puma Rally Car

David's Group A Ford Puma maintained by Motoscope.

David Brown & Richard 'Plug' Pulleyn, Robin Hood Rally 2005

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Dave Jackson's Opel Manta Competition Car

Dave has had this car since 1992.  It is now fitted with a 2.5L Opel CIH engine and Quaife Sequential Gearbox.  More details are available on Dave's web site.  This car is road legal, and is used for sprints, hill climbs and track days.

After a spectacular engine failure in July 2006, this car is awaiting a complete new engine build.
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Dave Seed's Escort G4

We are delighted to tell you that we have won two awards in our class (2 Litre Class 3) in the 2007 Tyrespot North of England Tarmacadam Championship.

Dave and Mick have won 1st in Class and Dave has been crowned Champion of Otterburn 2007

This is a tremendous result and a tribute to everyone who has contributed to our success.

This includes our hardworking and dedicated service crew of Davey, John, John, John, Jer and Lee and all of generous sponsors.

Without all of your continuing support and enthusiasm we could not have achieved this first class result.

Thanks to Mark Sayer and, for these pictures.

A big thanks to Motoscope (Richard, Dan, Phil, Robert and Dave) for there help and support over the years and in the future.  Have a look at the SM Motorsport web site.

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Richard's Ford Escort Mk2

Richard Pocklington on the Malton Forest Rally 2006.  Pictures by Ian Hardy at

More recent pictures of Pock's car.

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Tony & Paul's Renault 5 Turbo 2

This car is owned and run by Tony and Paul.  It is serviced and maintained at Motoscope by Richard, Phil & Robert.

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Mally's Money Muncher

1st in Class Riponian Rally - 2006 Riponian Rally - 2006

Mallys Bit

The Malton Forest Rally

The Malton Rally is always a challenge, for one thing it seems to change in someway every year, in the years I have been doing this rally its gone from the windy, o so cold n wet, Wombelton air field, to a Rally Sprint and now in more recent times a forest event.

Having now done the rally and sat at home, I can honestly say this years rally was a real treat. The best thing, I didnít know any of the stages. I didnít have a clue where I was going; just as well then I had Kev Wilson on the maps/notes.

After the good run on the Trackrod, hopes of a good run were high, the day was dry but oh my god was it slippy, as I was braking into the corners the back end seemed to be braking away and I was even more sideways than normal!!!! This of course is good for the spectators but in the car I felt I must be loosing bags of time, we were going as hard as I dare and yet felt I was going like a granny compared to the pace we set on the Trackrod.  As we went into service we had a few worryís, one of them been whether I had actually made a jump start, both Kev and myself both swore as I had shot of the line just a fraction early, just one of those things that can really make a mess of your day. Luckily there was no mention of it. A change of tyres, on to some a little narrower and a more open pattern, a top up of fuel and away we go back into the fray.

With more confidence in the handling of the car, now the speed was there, the car felt brill once again, we now felt more at home. With 20 cars in our class, it is I feel one of the hottest classes, by the end of the day we ended 6th in class and 27tho/a.

Many other drivers can recall all the stages in intimate detail after the rally, I remember some and each rally has its very own moments, this year there were 3, donít bother asking what stage, they may have all been on the same, first was a forest crossing that we hit probably doing 80+and did we take off, we seemed to travel light for a long long time, brill, second was a long right hander, full opposit lock and flat in third gear, just a fantastic corner, last and not least was a 90left that was marked with a tree with the trunk sticking out to stop you cutting the corner, we were already drifting as we were going into the corner ,no one would have wanted to put there hand between the tree and my front wing, gladly we got it right, if not, it would have torn the wing off for sure!!

As I sit at home typing this and many a day after a rally, when its all gone right, I just smile to myself at what we get up to and what a mad sport we have. The escort is just so much fun to drive, is there a better days fun to be had!

As ever thanks to all that help me, Oatlands Tyres, the guys at Motoscope who really have sorted the handling of the car this year, Big Dave and Lewis in service this time, Kev for bein' just mint on the notes and all those folk who give us a wave as we shoot past, and of course Malton for a mint event

Many thanks


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Clive Wilson & Peter Myers' Ford Escort Mk2

Clive Wilson & Peter Myers on the Twyford Wood stages in their 2 Ltr Pinto powered Escort Mk2.  This car will be at the Thor Hammer Stages in Driffield on on the 16th September 2007.

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Ford Focus Clubman's Rally Car

This Focus Clubmans Rally car was recently built at Motoscope for one of our customers.

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Ford Escort Mk1

This Escort Mk1, with normally aspirated Cosworth engine, has just been built at Motoscope for another customer.

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Big Supra's

Customers Toyota Supras, 400 to 800BHP, also seen at Elvington on Sunday 27th July 2008.

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