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Change your car without changing your car!

How will my car improve after fitting a Superchip?

Non turbo cars (Petrol) from £249 inc fitting & VAT

Check at to see which price yours can be fitted for

Superchips’ re-mapping of the on-board computer gives up to 10% more power. Other annoying traits such as hesitation and poor throttle response, that can occur on computer-controlled cars, are eliminated, making the car more lively and responsive.
This makes in-town driving a pleasure, requiring less gear changing with a smooth and progressive engine response.

You can check to see if a Superchip is available for your car on the Superchips Web Site, or give us a call at Motoscope.

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Turbo cars (Petrol) from £320 inc fitting & VAT

Check at to see which price yours can be fitted for

There are impressive gains of up to 25% more power and torque. Driving pleasure is increased through less gear changing, and you will feel that your car is more lively and responsive. Superchips do this by increasing the manufacturer’s boost pressure. And with the reprogrammed computer matching the car’s ignition timing and fuelling, long term reliability of the engine is retained.

You can check to see if a Superchip is available for your on the Superchips Web Site, or call us at Motoscope.

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Turbo Diesel cars from £320 inc fitting & VAT

Check at to see which price yours can be fitted for

(Fitting Charge is still only £50.00 inc VAT)

Superchips’ reprogramming of the computer matches the fuelling to the increased manufacturer’s boost pressure, giving impressive gains of up to 30% more torque and more power. This adds to driving pleasure, requiring less gear changing, making the car more lively and responsive. There is also the potential for improved fuel economy.

You can check to see if a Superchip is available for your car at the Superchips Web Site, or call us at Motoscope.

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Bluefin from £244.09 inc VAT

A revolutionary new way for you to maximise the performance of your vehicle. No mechanical or technical skills are required.
Bluefin will give you the performance that you want, the control that you seek and the satisfaction of a vehicle that is a pleasure to drive. Your vehicle will be more reponsive and have more power and more torque for better pick-up and a smoother drive.

Why does my vehicle need bluefin?
It's very simple. Your vehicle left the factory with its performance limited. It is compromised to allow for the poor grade fuel used in many parts of the world, and for poor servicing at irregular intervals.
However, in Europe we have good fuel, so you can use bluefin to release the power within, and maximise your vehicle’s performance.

How does it work?
Plug the bluefin device into the easily accessible diagnostic port inside your vehicle. After recording your vehicle’s individual settings, it uploads new settings to optimise your vehicle’s performance. It’s so easy, you’ll soon want to demonstrate the difference to your friends. You can, because at any time the bluefin process is fully reversible. Once used, bluefin is registered to work with your vehicle only.

How easy is bluefin to use?
You don’t need any mechanical or technical knowledge, you don’t even need to lift the bonnet – it’s all done from the driving seat. Simply plug bluefin into the port, follow the clear on-screen prompts, and in a few minutes you’re ready to drive off and bring your car alive.

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What guarantee can you offer my car?

Our promise to you with our established reputation as world leaders in engine management system tuning we are convinced you will be happy with your Superchip,
So much so, that we offer:

  • Refund (less the £50.00 inc VAT fitting charge) within 7 days if not completely satisfied. This is our seven day ‘customer-service guarantee’
  • Lifetime product guarantee
  • Superchip Warranty (see brochure back page, or visit the Superchips Web Site)

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Before & After Power Runs

At Motoscope, we can include a before and after chipping power run on our rolling road at a cost of £80 (inc VAT), so that you can see the increase in performance.  An after chipping power only run is available at £50 (inc VAT).

Book Your Car in for a Superchip

ProductCode Description Price (£) RRP (£)
22477 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 1 320.00 399.00
23609 Superchip, Turbo Diesel Type 1 365.00 455.00
25847 Superchip, Turbo Diesel Type 3 430.00 .00
49153 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 3 480.00 .00
62442 Superchip, Vauxhall NASP 299.23 .00
68405 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 3 345.00 .00
70232 Superchip, NASP Type 2 510.26 .00
75587 Superchip, Turbo Petrol Type 2 365.00 .00
78392 Superchip, NASP Type 3 320.00 399.00
80777 Superchip, NASP Type 1 229.00 .00
88024 Superchip, Turbo Diesel Type 2 320.00 399.00
BF05FORDN Superchip Bluefin, Ford Normally Aspirated Cars & Vans, 94> 245.00 .00
BF05FORDRS Superchip Bluefin, Ford Focus RS Mk1 244.09 .00
BF05FORDST150 Superchip Bluefin, for Fiesta ST150 244.09 .00
BF05FORDST170 Superchip Bluefin, for ST170 244.09 .00
BF05FORDT Superchip Bluefin, Ford Turbo 408.00 .00
BF05MINI Superchip Bluefin, for Mini 249.00 .00
BF06BMRRT Superchip Bluefin, BMW Diesels, 1/3/5/6/7 Series 2ltr & 3ltr, X3/X5/X6 3ltr 365.00 .00
BF06FORDCT Superchip Bluefin, Ford Mondeo 2.5T, 07> & S-Max 2.5T, 06> 407.49 .00
BF06FORDN Superchip Bluefin, Ford Fiesta Zetec S 199.00 .00
BF06FORDRS09T Superchip Bluefin, Ford Focus RS, 09> 365.00 .00
BF06FORDST225 Superchip Bluefin, Ford Focus ST225 320.00 .00
BF06LRFT Superchip Bluefin, Land Rover Discovery & Range Rover. 455.00 .00
BF06LRT Superchip Bluefin, Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 2.2, 06> 407.49 .00
BF06OPELIT Superchip Bluefin, Vauxhall Astra VXR, 05>/Corsa VXR, 07>/Zafira VXR, 05> 520.70 .00
BF06VAGT Superchip Bluefin, Various VAG Models 365.00 .00
EAD600 Superchip Protection Board Replacement for 44DIL ECUs 76.60 .00
EAD610 Superchip Off-set Protection Board Replacement for 44DIL ECUs 76.60 .00
NU1MT Numatics Bleed Valve 50.00 .00

Ring us at Motoscope on (01609) 780155, and talk to our experienced sales staff, to book your car in for a Superchip.

Superchip installation is not available on Saturdays.

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