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Escort Mk1/2 Rally Preparation
Engine Work
Escort Mk1/2 Rally Preparation
Rolling Road Tuning
Tyre Fitting
Suspension Work
Transmission Work
Air Con Servicing
ECU Diagnostics
Injector Diagnostics
Ultrasonic Cleaning

We can provide the following services:

  • Bilstein Damper Refurbishment
  • Engine Building/Repairs,
    Unleaded Conversions
    X-Flow, Pinto, Cosworth & Vauxhall 16V

  • Gearbox Rebuilds,
    Quaife/Type 9, Tran-X, ZF & X-Trac 140.
  • Axle/Differential Rebuilds (including LSD installation/Repair)
    Rebuilds can take 3 to 16 hours, depending on axle specification,
    Atlas Standard, Group 1, Semi-Floating, or Group 4 Fully-Floating.

Refurbished Group 4 Fully Floating Atlas Axle
Refurbished Group 4 Fully Floating Atlas Axle

New built Group 4 Fully Floating Atlas Axle

New built Group 1 Semi Floating Atlas axle

  • Axle re-tubing service
  • Steering Rack Refurbishment
  • Geometry Set-up
  • Shell Preparation

If what you require is not listed, or you have any queries, give us a call on (01609) 780155, and talk to our specialist technicians.

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